What does it take to be a Fairytale Princess?

Fairytale Princess Parties is hiring new princess performers! We provide the most beautiful, talented, enchanting, and kindhearted princesses in the Ottawa area! Our girls are truly the best! 

What does it take to become a real princess you ask? Unlike many other companies, our screening process is extremely extensive and thorough to ensure every single performer is up to the high standard we pride ourselves in offering! 

All performers must have prior experience working with children, as well as a background in theatre, singing and dance! We run a series of three rigorous interviews and auditions with each prospective performer to ensure they are not only comfortable performing in front of large crowds, but can think on their feet and improvise in any situation they are thrown into! If the princess makes it through the audition stage, they may be picked to join our team, where they are put through extensive princess training! Through a combination of in-person, in-party, and independent reading of our 'princess manual' and princess research the girls are trained to the utmost princess perfection! NO princesses are sent into a party underprepared, we make sure they shadow senior performers for multiple parties, and are then accompanied by the owner of the company herself as a shadow before she is deemed ready to take on parties alone! We NEVER send in under trained or underprepared performers to parties! 

Becoming a princess doesn't just mean putting on a costume, we ensure all our performers embody the qualities of a real princess- honesty, kindness, grace, and are truly real princesses inside and out! All of our girls strive to teach lessons of positive role-modelling to all little girls that a real princess represents, and teach them that the most important part of being a princess is not wearing a sparkly crown, and a beautiful gown, but being truly kind on the inside, and being nice to everyone they meet! 

Our princess performers are highly trained, extremely skilled, and wonderful role models to all the girls they meet! Book a party with us today to see why our princesses are the best in Ottawa!