How to make your Princess Party the BEST DAY EVER!

Planning a birthday party for a little princess can be a stressful ordeal if the correct resources aren't at your disposal! Here are our top tips to make your princess party the best day ever!

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation! One of our favourite saying here at the Fairytale Headquarters is 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!' When planning the perfect party preparation is KEY! Start planning the party a few months in advance- come up with an idea or theme of your party, draw up the guest list, come up with a plan of action for the decorations, food and party favours, and start looking into all your options if you are hiring entertainment! We LOVE making pinterest inspiration boards for our parties, it's a great way to gather inspiration, and put all your ideas in one place! 

2. Professional help! What is a princess party without a real life princess! Hiring a princess performer to come to your party is one of the easiest, and stress-free ways to inject magic into your party! You can sit back, relax, and let the princess enchant your party guests! Having a princess character is truly a dream come true for many little girls, but picking the right company can be tricky! In Ottawa, there are a few companies to pick from, but just because a company has established a long track record, doesn't necessarily mean they always provide the highest quality of entertainment, service or characters. Looking around at your options is the best way to ensure the highest quality performer, and to find a company that fits your needs both financially and for the party! Many companies (ours included) have their #1 priority to be making dreams come true, and often run special promotional offers on parties, so that everyone can experience the high level of service that we offer! All our performers are highly trained, have extensive backgrounds in theatre, dance and singing, and our costumes and are exquisitely handcrafted, so you never have to worry about your performer showing up looking more like a clown than a princess! 

3. Bigger isn't always better When making the guest list, it can be tempting to invite everyone that you know, but often larger parties can get out of hand and overwhelming for both the children and the parents! Have your daughter come up with a list of 8-10 friends she would like to invite to the party! We have found 8 is the magic number of guests, as it's not too overwhelming for the parents, or the birthday girl, and everyone gets a chance to participate in all the activities! 

4. Food, glorious food! Once you have made the guest list, and sent out all the invitations, make sure you know the allergies of all the guests coming to the party! Gluten free, peanut free, vegan, egg free- there are always fun food options for everyone to be able to enjoy! We love making small, individual sized items, such as cupcakes, fruit skewers, and mini pizzas! It is much less messy, as there is no messy sharing! Food is an easy and fun way to be able to bring your theme to life! Using a specific colour palette, or character theme (Frozen, anyone?) is always a good idea! Themed food is so much more fun for your guests than plain bowls of chips, but it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg! There are so many fun, and cheap ways to incorporate your theme into your food- here are a couple of our favourite ideas from pinterest! 

5. Have FUN! Often in the planning process you can get overwhelmed with the party, but at the end of the day it's a celebration! You did a great job, so sit back, relax, and enjoy all the hard work you put into planning this amazing celebration! You deserve it! 

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