Our Parties

We often get asked, 'What happens during a Fairytale Princess Party?' Here is the answer! 


When your Fairytale princess arrives at your party, her entrance will be grand, enchanting, and will set the exciting tone for the rest of the party! She will greet all the guests, explaining how she arrived to your royal celebration, and will give every girl a chance to introduce herself to the princess! 

Included in ALL of our packages

Story Time 

Many parents have told us our story times are their favourite part of the whole party! Your Fairytale Princess will recount the tale of how she became a real princess in an interactive and fun way. Your princess will get all the guests involved with words, songs, and actions to the stories that everyone knows and loves! Here is a short clip from one of Cinderella's story times: 

Included in ALL of our packages

Princess Dress-Up 

After your princess story time is done, your Fairytale princess will transform your guests into princesses with beautiful gowns she brought straight from her castle! All of our dresses are soft, sparkly, and beautifully made, and are sure to make everyone feel like royalty! 

Included in our 60 and 90 minute packages

Princess Makeover

No makeover is complete without a little bit of sparkle! Our princesses bring pixie wishing dust to help your little princesses sparkle and shine! Our makeovers include eye sparkles, cheek sparkles and of course sparkly lipgloss. All sparkly makeup application is light and child-friendly! 

Included in our 60 and 90 minute packages

Coronation Ceremony

Now that everyone has been transformed to look like a princess, it's time to turn the birthday girl into a real life princess with the help of a magical princess spell given to your Fairytale Princess by her Fairy Godmother! Your princess will have all the guests assist her in transforming the birthday girl into a real princess by holding one hand over their heart, and one hand up in the air and repeating this princess spell after her: 

Once the spell is complete, your daughter will now be a real princess! To make it official, your Fairytale Princess will bring a princess certificate for them both to sign 

And as the first order of business now your daughter is a real princess, she must receive a special birthday gift from your Fairytale Princess, and what else does a princess need but a sparkly tiara to treasure forever! 

Included in ALL of our packages


Your Fairytale Princess will teach all your guests some princess etiquette, and play some princess games that are for everyone! This may include singing her favourite princess song together (let it go anyone?), freeze dance, princess says, pass the poisonous apple, or a princess dance lesson! 

Included in our 60 and 90 minute packages

Group Photos & Cake Ceremony 

Now your party is nearing it's end, your Fairytale Princess will gather all your guests around to take a final group photo together before  helping bring out your cake or cupcakes while leading everyone in the 'Happy Birthday' song! We recommend bringing your cake out at the end of the party for a seamless exit for your princess! Once everyone has been seated for their cake, your princess will make her grand exit, with lots of farewell hugs! 

Included in ALL our packages


Princess Craft 

This is only included in our 90 minute party package! Your Fairytale Princess will help all your guests create their very own sparkly princess bracelet or princess tiara! 

Party activities may vary from party to party based on your guests, but we aim to stick to this itinerary!