Wizarding Parties

A magical party for your young witch or wizard! Invite a Wizard School student to your party to learn about magic, get sorted into a Wizard School house, play some enchanted wizard games, make a wand of their own, and more!

Our wizarding students arrive in their school uniforms with a trunk of magical supplies to delight all your guests! They would love to share the magic they’ve practiced at school, and maybe even make a potion or two that they learned from their potions master!


Wizard School

All your guests will learn how to cast spells and practice on each other and our Wizard School student. They can select from a choice of divination, where all the guests will make their own craft to predict the future; potions class, where they will create a fun and colourful potion; charms, where they will learn spells and practice with their witch and wizard friends; or astrology, where they will make their very own constellation craft.

Sorting Ceremony

Every witch and wizard will be sorted by our magical sorting hat into one of the four wizarding school houses! After sorting, they will each receive a badge representative of their houses that they will all be able to take home with them.


Birthday Witch or Wizard

The birthday girl or boy will choose their very own wand in a magical wand selection lead by our Wizard School student. Our Wizard School Student will lead all the guests in a special wizard oath that will transform your birthday child into a true witch or wizard. A special certificate will be presented to the birthday child, which they will be able to enjoy for years to come!

Our Wizard School student can also lead the cake ceremony and join in singing Happy Birthday, and, of course, there will be plenty of time for pictures! Invite a Wizard School student to your party for a truly unforgettable magical time!

Our wizarding parties are ideal for boys and girls aged 5 and up, with activities customized to suit the age group of the guests! Both male and female wizard students are available to bring to your party!