Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How is Fairytale Princess Parties different from other princess companies? 

A- At Fairytale Princess Parties, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality characters, activities, and entertainment for our clients. We pay close attention to the details of our wigs and costumes for the performers. All our costumes are commissioned by a seamstress, and all our wigs are couture styled by professionals. Our performers are the best around, all with backgrounds in singing, dancing, and theatre. Our princesses are all highly trained as this job requires a special set of skills any true princess performer needs as a children's entertainer. Anyone can put on a dress and a wig, but it takes a true performer to create a magical party! We are committed to reliability: from the moment you contact up until after your magical princess party, we are here if you have any questions or need help with the booking process.

Q- Who is behind Fairytale Princess Parties? 

A- Hello, my name is Mary-Jean and I am the Fairy Godmother of Fairytale Princess Parties! The company has been around since 2015, and I took over as the owner in October of 2018, before which I was a princess performer. I dedicate my all to making this wonderful business a magical experience for our clients and performers! I have a Master’s degree in theoretical physics and have an undergraduate degree in physics and philosophy, which, although not entirely applicable to princess parties, has given me skills and attention to detail that help create a reliable and truly magical company. I am also a writer of fantasy and historical fiction: feel free to check out my writing website here.

Q- How do I book? 

A-Please see HERE for a description of the booking and payment process.

Q- What happens during a Fairytale Princess Party? 

A- Please click HERE for a detailed description of everything to expect during your party! 

Q- Can I book more than 1 princess? 

A- Of course! You can add as many additional princesses as you would like to your party for an additional fee of $75 per character. Book an extra character here.

Q- When should I book my party? 

A- As far in advance as possible. We recommend at least a month, especially for the more popular characters such as the Snow Queen and the Little Mermaid, although we can also accommodate last minute party bookings: just contact us!

Q- Can we tip the princess? 

A- Yes, of course! Tips are always appreciated by our performers, but never expected. We just ask you place the tip in an envelope and give it to the performer out of sight of the children, so as not to ruin the magic. 

Q- How many guests are allowed at each party? 

A- Our parties are designed for up to 12 children per character. If you are expecting more than 12 children at your party, you must book a second princess! 

Q- What ages are the parties appropriate for? 

A- Our parties are perfect for girls aged 3-10 years old: these are the prime ‘princess years'. We recommend our 30 min Enchanted Package for younger princesses under the age of 3.

Q- Should I tell my daughter a princess is coming to her party? 

A- This is completely up to you, but we always find that surprises are the best! 

Q- What do the guests wear? 

A- Girls can dress up in their own costumes or fancy dresses, but our 60 and 90 minute packages include a dress up chest, so no need to wear anything fancy to the party: we will dress up the girls once we arrive! 

Q- Are boys allowed? 

A- Yes! As long as they are interested in what we are doing. We recommend you let us know ahead of time if there are going to be any boys at the party so we can make sure we have costumes and boys tattoos for them. 

Q - Do you do French parties?

A - Yes, we do have bilingual performers who are more than happy to do parties in French! Please just specify on the booking form for your party if you would like a French princess.

Q-  What can I do to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible?

A- There are a few things that always help.  Have water available for the princess to drink throughout your party. Please make sure you have enough room for all the activities. A living room with the coffee table moved out of the way is generally the perfect place to have a party, or a playroom. The princess needs a chair to sit in, and she brings everything else!  Try to get the kids ready and get them together right before the character arrives, so she can get into the activities with the children right away. Arrange for the eating time to be either before or after the character visit (If pizza comes at the same time the princess arrives, the two conflict). We always recommend serving the cake 5-10 minutes before the princess leaves to ensure a seamless exit, so make sure you have your cake ready, and all the guests out of their princess costumes and gathered around the table! And last but not least, have your cameras ready throughout the party: you don't want to miss special moments of your daughter with our princesses!

Q- Can we have our party outside? 

A - Yes, but if you are planning an outside party, make sure the area is guarded from heat/sun, or from any wet weather. Have a clean, dry, shaded area for activities, free of dirt, mud, water, and any other bad weather conditions that may cause an ill effect to the party activities and the guests.

Q- Do you have insurance? 

A - Yes, of course! We take our business very seriously and are covered for $2,000,000 liability insurance. On that note, however, we have never had an accident during any of our parties or events since its founding in 2015!