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Swimming Mermaid Parties

Invite a swimming mermaid to help celebrate your little  one's special day with enchantment, fun, and a big splash!

Swimming mermaid with child blowing bubbles at the side of the pool

The Itinerary

  • Our mermaid will come to your party, greet your guests, and tell them an interactive story about her life and the adventures she had at the side of the pool. Guests will get involved with questions and actions!

  • The mermaid will teach the children some mermaid moves and swim around the pool with them.

  • The guests will participate in mermaid games in the pool, songs, and/or dances. (Games vary based on age group and group size) 

  • The birthday girl will receive an official mermaid certificate in a special mermaid ceremony. This is a great moment for photos!

  • There will be time for pictures and singing happy birthday with the cake ceremony. Your mermaid will say farewell at the side of the pool, leaving all your guests with wonderful memories that will have them talking for years! 

30 min Starfish Package:

One Mermaid - $130 + tax

Two Mermaids - $210 + tax

60 min Sparkle Package:

One Mermaid - $210 + tax

Two Mermaids - $300 + tax

*Please note that mermaids are not lifeguards, and so a parent or lifeguard must be present to supervise children in the water! Parties can take place at your backyard pool or rented community pool.

Swimming mermaid at the poolside hugging a child
Two swimming mermaids with children in a pool
Swimming mermaids at a pond
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