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Invite a puppy patrol hero to your party for an amazing time with lots of energy and fun! Our characters comes with a human attendant to help them run the activities.

Puppy Patrol Party

PriceFrom C$30.00
  • Paws Up! (30 min): $130+tax (1 character), $210+tax (2 characters)

    A special greeting with our puppy hero followed by a storytime where all the guests will hear about his adventures! They will go through basic hero training and play some special games. The birthday child will receive a puppy patrol certificate and learn about all the traits a true hero needs to have. There will be plenty of time for pictures, and the hero can lead the guests in the cake ceremony where they will all sing happy birthday!

    Adventure Time (60 min): $210+tax (1 character), $300+tax (2 characters)

    Our Adventure Time package includes all the activities of the Paws Up package along with a special craft the children will take home as a keepsake! We provide crafts up to 12 children (additional crafts are $3+tax each per child).

    Champions (90 min): $280+tax (1 character), $390+tax (2 characters)

    The ultimate party for your young hero! In addition to all the activities of an Adventure Time party, there is time for more games and one-on-one interactions with our characters!

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