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The Fairytale Party Planning Guide

What you need to know to plan the best kid's birthday party

At Fairytale Character Experiences, parties are our specialty! But sometimes plannning a party can be time consuming, and with so many options, it's can be a challenge to pick what is right for you. That's why we've put together the Fairytale Party Planning Guide for you to plan the best party for your kids! At the end of these steps, we have also included Ottawa-specific recommended party suppliers for food, decorations, and more, as well as venues where you can host your party.

Mirabel reading with children at a party

Follow these steps to plan the best party!

1. Theme: make sure to pick a theme your child loves but is also fun for all their friends!

Some popular themes are

  • Princess

  • Frozen

  • Superhero

  • Unicorn

  • Paw Patrol

  • Ballerina

  • Mermaid

  • PJ Party

If you want ideas, check out our party categories and theme your party on one of our characters!

2. Date: There are many factors that go into deciding the day of your party. Make sure to consider:

  • The availability of your children's best friends. If they can't make it, then your child might be very disappointed!

  • The venue availability. If you are having your party at a different location, then make sure to check in with them before securing a date. 

  • Character availability. Contact us to ensure your preferred character(s) are available!

  • Holidays. You might want to avoid hosting your party on holidays such as Easter or near Christmas time, since many families may be travelling or busy with family.

3. Venue: If you want to have your party at home, then make sure that there is enough room for the activities planned. You'll need to think about the number of guests (children and adults), what activities you are planning, and whether you will be serving food.

If you have a venue booked elsewhere, ensure you have all the details regarding the date, time, and any rules regarding decorations, balloons, and serving food. Recommended venues in Ottawa can be seen below.

4. Party Entertainment: This is where we love to make magic! Booking a character for your little one's special day is a wonderful way to bring an extra spark and excitement to a party! Plus, it removes the stress of running any activities during the time our character is at the party, because when they arrive, the party will be in their hands. If you have other activities planned, make sure to plan them around our character visit. For instance, if you are having your party at an indoor play ground, the best time for the character to arrive is after the children have had time on the structure and have gone to the party room. Or if you have other activites you're doing at home, for instance, crafts or a scavenger hunt, our character can arrive shortly after your party's start time to ensure you have enough time for the other activities. Some fun princess party games can be seen here.

5. Decorations

  • DIY option: Party City and dollar stores have lots of great decorations! Make sure you keep the layout of your house in mind when purchasing decorations. For instance, make sure to ask yourself: where will these streamers go, where will this sign go, will I have enough room for this poster? etc. Here are some ideas for ​DIY decorations:

  • Hiring a decorator: check out our recommended decorators below to get started!


6. Invitations: Whether you invite a small group of children or your child's entire class will depend on the space available and your child's comfort level. For shy children, we recommend going with a smaller party that isn't too overwhelming!

We love getting creative with birthday party invitations! You can make your own invitations according to your party theme, or you can order some from us. We recommend sending out invites two to three weeks before the party. You can order invitations from us here.

7. Food: If you are serving a meal for your party, we recommend making your party food according to the theme. Some fun ideas can be seen on these websites:

And now for the big decision: cake or cupcakes? Cakes can be more impressive visually, whereas cupcakes remove the messiness of serving and are more portable if any are packaged to go home with the kids. Whatever you choose, make sure to put your order in at the cake shop at least 2 weeks in advance. You can also have our character bring the cake to the party! Purchase a cake from us here.

8. Loot Bags: Party favours are a fun addition to the party! You can make your own (the dollar store is your friend!) or we can make them for you according to your chosen theme. Add on loot bags to your party here to elimiate the hassle! 

9. Party Day: Your party has arrived! Make sure your camera or phone is charged up and you have space for photos and videos: you'll want to capture these memories of your children! Start set-up early: things always come up so it's best to be prepared ahead of time. If you're decorating yourself, we would recommend tidying up your house the day before and then leaving last minute clean-up and decorating to the day of the party.

10. Clean Up: Now that the party is over, it's time to clean up! In addition to cleaning though, take time to cherish the memories of the party with your children and talk about what they liked best, and what they are thankful for.

Cinderella interacting with children at a birthday party
Frozen themed birthday party food
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